10 Best Travel Toys for Kids on Airplanes


10 BEST TRAVEL TOYS for airplanes

How do you keep your kids entertained on a long hour flight? Screaming babies and toddlers are the worst nightmares a parent could ever think of.

When we flew back in the Philippines with our eldest, he was super easy that I did not think of toys to keep him busy or entertained.  Things changed when we had the 3 boys.


On our recent trip to the Southern States, we flew with 3 kids (a preschooler, a toddler, and a baby) and I was on a mission before the trip.  My eldest and youngest boy are pretty easy, but my second boy is a little bit challenging since he is two.

Having the right toys makes all the difference for traveling via plane or on the road.

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From traveling in airplanes to road tripping, the toys listed below are lightweight, portable, and inexpensive.  When in plane, you will most likely be carrying you need for your trip on your back, from snacks to baby necessities, so it is important to pack smart.

Here are the best travel toys and ways to keep the kids entertained for a long flight.

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  1. Paint by Sticker kids – This Book is a fun way to do with you and your child.  If your kids is bored with coloring book, this sticker painting is a good way to challenge kids attention span. It is
  2. Magna-Qubix – I personally love this toy.  My son was gifted with this to one of his birthday and he just love it.  I took a couple of the magnets on our trips and it is very convenient.

  3. Water Wow – These are one of the best finds in amazon.  Both my toddler and preschooler loves it.  There are plenty of styles to choose from but I think all of them are very interesting to paint for kids.
  4. Pipe Cleaners – These handy assortments of colors are so great for making crafts and animals.  They are easy to bend, light and easy to store.

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  5. Reusable Sticker Books –  We had a reusable sticker pad but it was too big too bring in my backpack.  However, I found these books that are way more convenient to travel with while the kids enjoy playing with them.
  6. Wikki Stix – Great for Preschoolers. My eldest loves this toy and his imaginations just fly for hours. Mess-free and fuss-free fidget toy.
  7. ABCaptain Magnetic Letters – I bought these for the fridge but they surely are tiny.  So, I found a little tin container where I can store few magnetic letters and made 3-4 letter words in a popsicle sticks.  This was a nice activity for my preschooler.
  8. Toddler Busy Board 14 in 1 activity Board – these are inexpensive and perfect for travel.  I found a busy book which is looks nice and interesting but it is also pricey and bulky for traveling.  Then, I found this busy board that has 14 activities in cheap price and portable.
  9. Busy Activity Cube – It keeps little mind going and occupied.  While this toy can be played with 12 month old and up, my 6 month old baby is more interested on this toy.  Thus, it needs supervision when played with babies.
  10. Etch A Sketch Revolution Drawing Toy – Everyone in the family enjoys this classic toy.  It requires no battery, no electricity, just curiosity and imagination.

While the kids have their own favorite toys, I let them bring some of it on their backpack.  I take this as a way for them to learn responsibility for their belongings.

Travel Toys Cars

Extra Toys

  1. Car Toys – Hot Wheels are so handy.  I packed 6 of it and gave it to them one at a time.  I have them anywhere that is easy for me to grab whenever need.
  2. Coloring Books and Crayons Party Favors – I was gifted with this on a random occasion and was one of the useful activities that kept my boys busy specially at the restaurants.
  3. Tablet – The last resort to keep them quiet.  We bought Amazon fire tablet and downloaded their favorite shows.


Toys can bring a whole experience more exciting. However, plan out what you’ll be able to fit depending on how much basics you need to pack, the size of your backpack and the weight you are willing to carry.


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