10 Things To do in Trinidad, California


From the enthralling coastal lagoons to the dense Redwood Forest, there is no place as laid-back as life could be when you venture in Trinidad, California.  Nestled on the northern coast of California and facing the Pacific Ocean, this village is packed with a sense of wonder.


It was a beautiful week of Thanksgiving when we visited Trinidad.  During this time of the year, the season of fall sets in.  This place is glorious when the sun come out and brightens up, but it is also divine even when it is drizzling and foggy.

Here some of the things that you can do in Trinidad, California even when the weather is not that great.

1.       Drive the scenic byway at Prairie Creek  – While we’re staying in Orick, our drive on the way to Trinidad was so fun and amazing that I must have my camera always with me.  Everywhere around is photogenic on its own way.  This drive is like driving in world of Christmas trees.  The architectural beauty from the bridges to a wide road and even when the fog takes over the shine of the sun, It’s dramatic.


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2.       Photography around Trinidad – Trinidad has its own unique beauty even when the sky is gray.  There is quite a view of buildings and scenery around the village that can be great subjects.  Below are some of my favorites.


3.       Shopping – There are amazing local shops you can find in Trinidad. One of my favorite shop is the WindanSea where I found my hanging deco for my beach theme powder room at home.WINDAN SEA TRINIDAD 4.       Trinidad Art Gallery – Alongside restaurants and local shops lies the Trinidad Museum where most of the artists from the local area display their beautiful masterpieces.  From wood works, fabrics to photography, these artists are talents and their pieces are not only interesting but also for sale.   Entrance fee is free from 10 am to 5 pm.TRINIDAD ART GALLERY

5.       Restaurants – Whether the rain is pouring, drizzling or not, there are restaurants around Trinidad where you can enjoy the best of Trinidad seafood and American eats.  Seascape Restaurant is one place to eat great food with great sea view.  The menu was inviting with lots of seafood. Chowder was of course remarkable. The service was exceptional. Our server was a very nice local. She has shared some of the recent things that happened with the Trinidad Lighthouse.

6.       Trinidad Wharf – You can take a walk a view the many fishing boats that are moored here.  Charters are also available if you want to try your hand at catching some of the favorites.

7.       Look for a Banana Slug – While life in Trinidad, California can be like a slug life, a Banana Slug is one of its popular symbols. It is a peculiar creature that can only be found in the northern part of the US. They usually are out when it’s wet and can be found along most of the local trails. Very interesting to check out when you’re hiking even when it is drizzling. Just remember to watch your step on your trail and if you do find one, kiss it. I mean, don’t kiss it. Kissing the Banana Slug is just one of the popular jokes in the Redwoods.  Supposedly it will make your lips numb for a period of time.

8.       Wine Tasting – Humboldt’s best wine maker.  Who wouldn’t love to try the best wines?  Trinidad has a great little winery settled in town.  Moonstone Crossing Winery.  It is a well-known local wine product in Trinidad and has impressive wine collection made from selected grapes grown in Napa, Sonoma, Mendocino and Amador Appellations.  They have great bottle prices and your wine tasting fee may be waived if you buy a couple bottles.MOONSTONE CROSSING WINERY TRINIDAD MOONSTONE CROSSING WINES TRINIDAD

9.       Go out and about – just go out and experience Trinidad in a way to retreat to the back country.  Sunny or not, Trinidad is breathtaking.

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10.   Trinidad Lighthouse – I think one of the nicest things to end your day is to enjoy a sunset by the sea.  And to experience such natural beauty in Trinidad is exquisite. One of the iconic landmarks in Trinidad is the Trinidad Lighthouse.  A tiny house enough for a big antique bell to hang.  Unfortunately, the house was taken out as well as the bell which was placed not so far off from its area.  While it is sad to know how it went down, there is a bench looking over Trinidad Bay which is amazing. It is by no means a place to doze to the sound of crashing waves and the lively scene can be stimulating.

Trinidad is as colorful and soul-stirring a destination as it gets.


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