Get to know us

Hello there! We are the Hendy’s and welcome to our blog, Rich and Sweet Life!  It’s a delight for us to share with you our unending family adventure stories, food and life-style. 

My Name is Jello, pronounced like the pudding brand Jell-o.  My husband, Richard and I live in a cul-de-sac neighborhood of Southern California with our son, Richard Rey and my mother-in-law, Nancy.

Rich and Sweet Life

Inspired by the beauty of a newly married life, parenthood, food and travels, my husband and I created this blog.  To share as well as to document our adventures and misadventures in every possible aspect of life.

So, where does our blog name come from? My husband loves to make his own homemade ice cream from an old ice cream maker that Nancy bought at a yard sale for $5. The old ice cream maker eventually broke. So, one day, he bought a new ice cream maker and twice a week he makes his very own flavorful, mouthwatering ice cream. I told him that this business would be a hit in the Philippines and we could start a shop there (laughing) and then I suggested, we could name it “Rich and Sweet Shop” which makes sense with the business type. Fast forward to now that I wanted to start sharing our family stories, the name gave us a deeper realization that our life has been rich and sweet. Not only because we are Richard and Jello but our life has been a blessing for us to enjoy, embrace and continue to follow our bliss.

Thank you for following along on our adventures. Feel free to leave a comment or reach out to me here.