A Montage of Baby’s First Year Photos – Documenting King’s Milestone

When he turned a month, my goal was to make a Montage of Baby’s First Year Photos.

What a difference a year can make!  I look back to my son’s monthly photos and I get mixed emotions but mostly joy.  I missed him when he was so tiny and his head just fit into my hand.  I missed him when I could just leave him alone in the couch for a minute.  However, my heart is filled with joy of him knowing that his milestone progress is right on track and of course he is healthy.  When he turned a month, I already know what I want – to take his monthly photos and record his progress.  In his first and second month photo-shoot, it is pretty much obvious that the background was edited but I realized I don’t want to edit his background photos monthly.  So, I made a photo-shoot that marks my creativity without too much editing.  Most of the outfits he wore were whites and a few matches certain theme.  I got the milestone numbers from my baby shower gifts but they are also available on Amazon.

Each month has different styles depending on the monthly theme of American celebration.  Setting up the background will show your creative skills.  But bear in mind to leave a space enough for the text for you to write his/her progress.  To track his progress monthly, I do research online but mostly rely on whattoexpect.com.

First Month – October with a Fall theme.

Second Month – Thanksgiving theme. I never thought about his outfit this time. These are edited in Photoshop. If I have thought about the easiest way earlier, I would have done it. I would suggest using whatever decorations you have in your home.

Third Month – December, this is the month that I have used my creativity and resourcefulness. Haha. So, background is our hardwood floor. The side decorations are from our Christmas Tree.

Fourth Month- January, is New Years! Taken from our carpet as a background. Still, the balls props are from the Christmas Tree.

Fifth Month – February, Valentine’s Day. I have unused piece of faux fur cloth so I made it as a background. The banner, the heart stuff and the plastic rose are bought at the dollar tree.

6th month – March, Saint Patrick’s Day. Every month is getting tougher for the photo shoot. This time, he can turn from his back to his tummy already and not to mention, he crawls FAST! But I managed it with the help of my mother-in-law. Again, the background is just a hardwood floor from my mother-in-law’s house. We bought the costume at Amazon in this link.

7th month – April, Easter. Again, eggs in a basket are from the dollar tree. Of course, I love dollar tree! I’m a cheap mom. Haha.

8th month – May, Cinco de Mayo. As a filipina, I never thought about Mexican celebration in the America but we have Flores de Mayo which we inherit from the Spanish 300 years ago. Anyway, this one is edited as well because the best shot is blurry. The background is just a plain black cloth and I bought maracas which he loves. I have printed the Cactus, chili and guitar.

9th month – June, Summer. Background in this shot is a teal blue fleece blanket. Get sunscreen, flipflops, shades, a life ring from the pool and you have a prop!

10th month – July, 4th of July. He is walking by this time and it is hard for us to let him stay still. The background is American flag taped to the wall. Don’t make it too complicated, just a cowboy hat on the floor since he doesn’t want to wear it.

11th month – August, a month that gives me hard time to think of what theme to make. America doesn’t have any popular celebration this month except for the Pre-season Football. As per my husband’s request to do his favorite team theme, Buffalo Bills. I printed the banner and just a football.

12th month – September, his birthday and we decided for a Construction theme. You can check details in this link.



  • Save more than half of space for the text
  • I use Picmonkey for all of my cropping, photo adjustments and texts
  • Take a bunch of shots. This increases your chances of getting a few great ones. Just keep shooting.
  • Best time to do a photo shoot for me is after he took his nap or after he has eaten. Catch him when he’s in a good mood.
  • Expensive cameras are not necessary. In most cases with my photos, it was my cellphone. Grab whatever is closer. Don’t let the moment slip by.
  • Take a shot on a wide angle and don’t worry about the sides. You can always crop it later.

How did you document your baby’s first year?  Comment below and let’s share something in common.

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