Blossoms in Bakersfield


It is the time of the year again when the awakening of new life starts to bud.

Spring is finally in the air.  I just love that “ahh” moment as you open the window to let the fresh puff of breeze come in the room and the sun starts slightly peaking in.

While Autumn is my favorite season, Spring on the other hand undoubtedly excites and brightens up my days.  Seeing the green grass sprout on the hillsides is just so inviting.  Leafless trees are starting to flaunt flowers of light and pastel colors.  Almond trees most especially are in full bloom and everybody in the area should take advantage of this local yearly wonder.  It only lasts for a week or so until the rain washes the blossoms away.


Last year we missed taking family photos with the beautiful almond blossoms but this year, we made it a priority.  There are Almond Orchards all over the Central Valley of California and we have many of them in our hometown of Bakersfield.  I find every orchard has different beauty in some way.  There are some orchards that has green grass in the aisles, and some just have plain dirt that when covered with petals look just like snow.  Some have blossoms and some have budding leaves.  Just choose whichever you like, they all make a great backdrop for a photo shoot.

When we had our photo shoot last week, the weather was a concern.  We fortunately found a couple of hours in the day when the sun came out and brightened up our shots.


Here are some of the photos we took while enjoying the beauty of the Almond Blossoms.




Please note that during the blossom season, there are mostly likely bee hives close by.  Please be aware that this could be a hazard for those that are allergic.  We have never experienced aggressive bees or been stung, but it is a real possibility.  Take the necessary precautions.

The Almond Orchards to me are simply divine and soul-stirring.  While, at the same time the perfect place to make beautiful memories with your family.  The trees are indeed the definition of life’s realization.  They truly hold the consciousness experience of time.

May you enjoy the beautiful spring with your family.

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  1. Thank you for sharing these beautiful photos in your blog. I am a film student from New York Film Academy in Los Angeles, and I am inspired with this Almond Blossom location you have featured. if the owners and the situation will permit, I am thinking of creating a story and shoot right in this particular orchard for my final film project. May I know the address and where exactly in Bakersfield can I find this beautiful location? Thank you very much 🙂

    1. Unfortunately, it might be too late to do it this year. Because of the warm weather, most of the orchard have already past their peak. It usually is a very short time between when they bloom and drop the petals. (about a week or two). As far as location, there are literally hundreds of orchards around Bakersfield. My family and I usually just drive around and look for the best one. Most of the time, the farmers don’t mind if you are just taking pictures and not disturbing the trees and the bees or leaving a mess. You usually see other groups of people taking photos in the orchards this time of the year. It’s very common and I don’t believe a lot of people actually asked for permission.

  2. I’m interested in doing a road trip to see the almond blossoms. Where in particular place should I go? Do I need to make arrangements with the farm? I’m planning to do my own photography. Thanks

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