Camping Essentials : 10 Must-Haves for First Time Campers

Camping Essentials

Camping is a huge part of my growing family.  A simple change of environment can give you a fresh outlook on life.  It is a time connect not only with nature but also to create a stronger bond with my family.

If time and weather permits, we usually go up to the mountains during summer and spend our days savoring the beauty of mother nature.

Check out our last camping adventure at Holey Meadows campground.

During the few years of RV camping, we have built up our gear for camping.  When we decided that we would try tent camping, there were still a lot of things that we needed.

We are not expert campers, but it is always wise to be prepared for these adventures.

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Here is our Top 10 Must-Haves for First Time Campers

Bear Can – During our first camping trip in the Sequoia mountains, having a bear canister was a requirement according to the forest service website.  Luckily, there were no bear/s during our trip.  This can hold your food supply for 2 people for 2-3 nights.   It is lightweight, easy to open and close and can be used as a stool as well.

Gazelle Tent – I couldn’t believe how much our camping was made easier with this tent.  The company that invented this product are genius.  First and foremost, it is easy and quick to set it up. Also, it is big enough that it can hold up to 4 people. The frame is sturdy and lots of pockets inside the tent.  We read a lot of great reviews and we couldn’t agree more from our personal experience.

Packing Cubes – I have never taken any trips without packing cubes for me and my family since we first used them on a trip to Philippines.  Whether your going on a flight for travel or camping, these packing cubes will save more space than you’d ever imagine.

Camping Essential toiletries

Sleeping Bag – growing up in a tropical country, my body temperature has still not adapted to where I am now.  I get cold when its just chilly for some.  This sleeping bag is roomy and warm enough for a cold night.

Granite wear camping kettle and cups – This set worked perfectly.  Way back in the country, we had this ware and I never thought we can still buy this kind.  It totally works so well.  I placed the kettle directly over the fire and yes, the body turned black as expected but this is not an issue for me.  My coffee tasted great and the percolator was cleaned without a problem.

LED Lights for camping – My son and I love them!  Very portable and the lights are bright.  I hung them inside the tent and work very well.  I even took one with me when I went out to find a bathroom.  My son was very interested on how it lights, dims and off.

Hydration Pack – If you plan to go hiking, this back pack is very useful. It is nice and snug and keeps water cool.  It is sleek and is close to the body.  I put snacks in this bag with the bladder full of water and I was impressed of how light and balanced it feels.

Tent footprint (ground cover for under your tent) – This tarp has a quality feel, water proof and versatile.  It has a nice texture and finish.  Most important for me is that it doesn’t have that loud plastic sound when moved.

First Aid Kit – Don’t head out to your favorite campground without a first aid kit.  Without such kit, you might be helpless for some unexpected accidents.  It will help you handle at least most minor problems that you can treat.

Camping kitchen gear

10-piece camping cook ware kit – lightweight and compact.  Everything you need from cooking (even soup dish), eating what you cooked in the same pan and cleaning it.  This kit is totally useful has a reasonable cost.



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