Bulldozers and Birthday Cakes

When a mom has a boy, it is expected that they will fall in love with cars, cars and more cars. This is my boy! But that is not the only reason why he loves cars. My husband is a General Engineering Contractor and this influences him in loving cars and trucks and making car sounds whenever he sees one.

On his first birthday, we’ve decided to give him a party with the theme “Construction”. I admit that it was not an easy preparation. However, even with all of the schedules, I managed to have lots of fun!

Here is a short list of some of the items I used to create a construction theme party:

  1. Milestone Photo Banner – colored card boards that to fit a 4×6 photo

  1. Food Tags – created a designed tag, printed, cut and simply hand-written words for food display.

  1. Printed Construction Signs and HAPPY BIRTHDAY SIGN for backdrop
  2. Personalized Logo for construction Hat using the Logopit Plus App. Free to download and easy to install, available on your Google Play Store.

  1. Other Party Supplies like Table Cover, Plates, utensils and Cups can be found at the Dollar Tree .


I felt beyond joy seeing my son happy and hearing him making car sounds while enjoying his first birthday cake. I am so grateful for our friends and family who made this party possible.

You can watch how the party goes here.

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