Mojave Desert Daze

Known as the high desert and where Joshua Trees dwell, the Mojave Desert is one of the biggest and most beautiful deserts in the world.  Last week, my niece turned one year old and we celebrated her Princess Party at California City, a city next to Mojave.  We drove from Bakersfield to California City for about 45 minutes. When we arrived, I was so charmed with her welcome sign of the theme “Enchanted Forest”.

Photo Courtesy by Jessika Valpey

And the enchantment began.  It’s like a magic spell cast in the middle of this wonderful desert.  Jessika, my sister-in-law and Addy’s mom organized this party and she did a wonderful job creating and arranging the décor.  I have always loved her ideas and creativity skills.

Forest themed party

Forest themed Party Forest themed Party - 1 Forest themed Party Forest themed Party Forest themed Party Forest themed Party

Forest themed Party

Our little Addy, the Merida of the movie Brave was gorgeous in her cute little tutu.

Forest theme party Forest theme party Forest theme party  Forest theme party Forest theme party Forest theme party

Quality time was spent with chit-chats, laughs, watching kids playing around and of course, delicious food.

Forest theme party

Before the lunch was over, Jessika took the cake out and we sang Addy’s first birthday song.  Celebrating first birthdays has been a magical moment for me since I had my own child. I say, it’s one of the most awaited moments of every mom’s life because it makes you realize that for a year you have done a great job feeding, changing diapers, waking up in the middle of the night and keeping them safe.  It’s kind a hard to believe how fast kids would grow. However, when a kid turns one, it means it is also a welcoming party to a toddler stage and, so it began.

A Glimpse of Mojave Desert

After a fun and enchanted party moment, the sun was giving us sign that soon it will set.  The picturesque beauty of Mojave desert sunset had surely awaited us.  On our way home, we drove looking for our perfect Joshua Tree in the desert as we were excited to watch the glamorous sunset.

A Glimpse of Mojave Desert A Glimpse of Mojave Desert A Glimpse of Mojave Desert  A Glimpse of Mojave Desert  A Glimpse of Mojave Desert A Glimpse of Mojave Desert

Joshua Trees are everywhere and the longer you stare at them, their splendor excites your imagination. All you have to do is choose your favorite Joshua Tree or choose them all.  They are all beautiful in their own way.

A Glimpse of Mojave Desert

A Glimpse of Mojave Desert

A Glimpse of Mojave Desert

A Glimpse of Mojave Desert

Sunset will only last for a couple of minutes.  Once you have the grandeur, seize the moment.  When we found our spot in the  Mojave desert, the sunset was strikingly magnificent spreading its wonder throughout the desert.  A moment full of soul to savor the light and embrace the bliss.

A Glimpse of Mojave Desert

A Glimpse of Mojave Desert

Nancy, my ever-lovely mom-in-law spins with freedom reminiscent of the hippy world that the desert offers.  In her, I see the beauty of the desert where the heart of a true gypsy soul lies.

The sun did set eventually, and we bid not goodbye, but until the next time.  My husband grew up in the desert and listening to his desert days stories has convinced me that there is much more to see, and this has become my mission.

We left the desert feeling grateful and inspired.

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