Paddle Boating in Monterey, California

A charming gem. Set in the heart of downtown Monterey, El Estero Paddle Boating is a tiny lake but definitely gives you and your family something fun to experience.

You can find this place just across from the Dennis the menace park and along the corner of Del Monte Avenue and Camino El Estero Road.

It was a very wonderful sunny day when we went to Dennis the Menace Park. Unfortunately, the park was close for repairs. We decided to take a walk until we notice Swans and boats on a lake.

At first, we thought it was part of Dennis the Menace park, but then we saw people on paddle boats. Their office was open!  It got me excited because this would be my first paddle boating experience.  I put the baby in my Ergo baby carrier and the staff gave us life vests as well.

The boats are made of fiber-glass that is well-maintained.  Thus, this activity is fit for all ages. Children under 12 years old must be accompanied by an adult.  So, take this chance for adventure. The lake is around 50 acres with a mini island in the middle.

We had an hour of fun paddling under the sun and saw a lot of sea gulls.

The Swan boat is much heavier to paddle so we use the ordinary boat.  We went two to three times around the mini island. It was not only fun, but it is also very good exercise.  After the boating, we had a picnic lunch under the tree in front the lake and the scenery was relaxing.  Ducks are everywhere around the lake, so you can have fun feeding them if you want to.

Overall, it was a beautiful little jewel that we found that day. We might not have visited Dennis the Menace Park, but we still had a wonderful time at El Estero Boating.

Here is our short video that we took during our trip to Monterey, California

More Information

El Estero Boating Opens at all time 9 AM – 5 PM

Location :  798 Del Monte Ave., Monterey, CA 93940

Tel : 831 375 1484

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