Family Camping Checklist

Camping is one of the most exciting activities that my family loves to do.  Since I came to the US, I have realized how much camping is a tradition for most American families.

When it’s time to pack up our things, what do you bring?

Camping with the entire family can sometimes be overwhelming.  Planning what to pack, deciding on the menu and activities are just some of the stressful things to deal with.   However, everything is quite doable with a right checklist and a little planning.

This weekend, we are bound to spend Father’s Day in the woods and I am beyond excited!  We usually go camping with our RV which make things a little easier.  But it’ll be different this time.  We will go tent camping at the Holey Meadows Campground in Giant Sequoia Monument and it is my very first real “dry” camping experience.

To help us get ready to go into the wilderness, I have a checklist to consult to make sure my family has everything we need for a successful first camping trip.

Let’s break things down with this camping checklist!




I have learned in our previous travels that the secret to our clothing taking up very little room is rolling the clothes into the packing cube.  We use Baggail packing cube with which I can segregate the his and her clothes.

Most of my son’s clothing can fit into a medium packing cube.  It is easier for me to segregate everything he has in own his packing cube.

And since my son is still a toddler and not yet potty-trained, it is better to stock diapers as much as needed.  Stores in the wilderness are very limited.  You’ll get lucky if you find one near you.

Camping Essential toiletries

Unless you’re going “glamping”, bring only the basic necessities.  When camping, toiletries are something that is not easy to buy when you get to the campground.  It may take some space but again, chose what is important for the activity.

For skincare, hair care and makeup, I do very minimal when doing an outdoor activity.  Most of the time, I bring moisturizer, eyebrow make up and lip/cheek tint – just a little glow and definition throughout the day!

First aid is very much important as well as pain killers.

Organic Beauty Oil

For over 3 months now, I have been using this Gaia Essential organic beauty oil which makes everything better from head to toe – Scenting your hair, Taking off your make-up, Giving your skin a glow and moisturizing your lips.

Also, I am so hooked with the Gaia essential organic lip/cheek tint.  The translucent color leaves my skin with a natural flush and makes me look pretty and not made up.

It’s camping baby!  Get that natural no make up make up look.

So for my Filipino friends and readers, check out Gaia Beauty and Body for more interesting beauty products that would make a difference in your skin.

Camping Electronics

There is no electricity available on the area that we were going to camp.  However, just in case we ran out of camera battery or cellphone battery, we can charge it in our vehicle.

That’s it! “Prepare for the worst and hope for the best!”  You might not need everything on my checklist but it is always much better to be properly prepared.  For our next camping trip, our goal to be minimal as possible.  Check out my Giant Sequoia National Monument blog to see how things turned out…


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