Hiking the Mobius Arch Loop in Alabama Hills

Hiking in Mobius Arch Loop

[amazon_link asins=’B00KWKS0KU’ template=’ProductLink’ store=’richandsweetlife-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’b1989322-d98a-11e7-9c6d-bb14635498ba’]Alabama Hills is known for its unique rock formations and a popular filming location for decades. It is situated in Lone Pine, California near the Eastern Sierra Nevada. While our stay at the Diaz Lake can be pretty much laid back, it is hard to resist the beauty of Mount Whitney through the Alabama Hills.

If you’re into outdoor hiking & amazing photo-ops, the Alabama Hills are for you.

Hiking in Mobius Arch

The Alabama arch rocks are shaped through weathering conditions and have been here for more than a hundred million years. There are also hundreds of different arches throughout the hills but there are only 20 natural arches that are named here. Two of the famous arches for most photographers are the Mobius Arch and the Lathe Arch. These have a perfect frame for taking pictures of Mount Whitney and can be accessed through a short hike.

Mount Whitney View

Alabama Hills

Getting to the Mobius Arch

When you’re in Lone Pine, continue west on Whitney portal Road.  Take the Movie Road for 2 miles where you will notice a dirt parking area on the left.  This is your destination which is the trail head for the Mobius Arch Loop.  Once you’re ready for the hike, there’s a trail on the left or right side of the parking lot which can be the starting point of the hike. This is a loop trail so either can start the hike from the trail head.  We chose the left side.  Follow the little rock markers and you will notice they are pretty easy to follow.  Footprints can be everywhere as people do explore off to the side. I suggest not to follow the footprints instead there are little brown signs that are more accurate to follow.  At the first junction go right and head over towards the lathe arch which has a nice view and is much smaller than some of the other arches. Head to the right and you can find the Mobius Arch.  It is pretty easy to identify as you will know it when you see it.  You can climb to the arch, take pictures and once you’re done, just follow the trail on the right side and you find other arches along the way.  Just follow the little signs and keep going heading back to the parking lot.

Alabama HillsMobius Arch trail signsMobius ArchAlabama Hills

What to bring

It was at the end of the fall season when we hiked the Mobius Arch Loop. However, it was sunny on very nice 68 degrees. Hiking shoes is the top one of the list to protect your feet and your ankles during the activity.  Bring a bottle of water with you to keep you hydrated.  Put on sunscreen before you hike and don’t forget the camera.

Lathe ArchThings to keep in mind

Alabama Hills is a very pet friendly area. However, pets should be on leash and must be attended. There are no bathrooms. Parking in the area is free.  It’s an easy hike of 0.6 miles only or 1 km. You can hike this trail in less than an hour, but photo shoots can also take more time than that.  Sunrise and sunset are the best time to take photos as the sun gives more life and definition on rocks.




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