How We Updated Our Home

How we updated our Home

We just sold our house! After 3 years of investing financially with love and care for this house we called home, we are finally moving to a new phase of life.  Today’s housing market is hot, and we thought it would be the perfect time to take advantage and get a good price on it.

When we bought this house 3 years ago, this house was the great house that suit our needs especially having Grandma in the same house.  While on the process of moving, I thought it would be nice to write a post about the improvements and updates we have in the house.

How we Updated our House Front

The house is located in a cul-de-sac neighborhood and I would say, it has pretty much the best backyard in the neighborhood.


When I saw this house listed in the market, I literally jumped in my seat and thought we have just found our home that fit our needs.  A house that includes an in-law suite with full bath and full kitchen, good size backyard and a large pool.  It is a 2-story house with 5 bedrooms and 3.5 bathrooms and has a playhouse.


The front of the house used to have a big tree that over shadowed the beauty of the house.  So, we hired a tree guy to take it out and we landscaped the front lawn for flower bed and other plants.

The interior paints of the house were outdated.  So, the first update we did for this house is re-painting the entire interior house that would make it look light and bright.  The cabinet knobs in the kitchen were replaced and lights on the ceiling were replace to recess lighting.


The in-law suite was a recent add up section to the house, so we hardly change a lot in here but we updated new paints and adding more cabinet sections in the closet.

What is nice on this apartment is that it has a high ceiling that made the room look big.  It has it own entrance door but also connected to the house.  And most of all, it had is own little patio and we updated the mini garden on the side of the apartment as well.

My favorite part of the house is the pool area.  Since we planted more and more plants, it does look so much like a resort and feels like one. The latest project we did in this area was the outdoor shower.  We hired a guy to do the concrete shower floor then Richard and I installed the outdoor shower.

The backyard has large lawn space and the playhouse was a good bonus for a family that has kids.

Two years ago, we decided to extend the outdoor patio and took the tree that was on the side of the playhouse.


The playhouse has been updated too.  When we decided to paint the house exterior, we included the playhouse to match the main house. I also painted the inside on it and put a vinyl flooring. I thought this playhouse would be great idea to do home schooling if I decided to but turns out to be the kids’ toy storage and it wasn’t a bad idea after all.

In the back corner of the backyard, there was a dog runner that we turned into a squash garden and an herb garden. At the back of the lemon tree, we landscaped an area which is suitable for herb gardening or of some plants. This used to be just dirt and mud. Then, I decided to landscape the area as a family spring project.  It was way better than it used to be.

There is also a dog run that I turned into a squash garden at one time. There is plenty of space for gardening.

In front of the house, we took the big tree that overshadowed the beauty of the house. We extended a planting area and cultivated the front lawn for more plants and flower.

The mini patio of the in-law suite used to have nothing much. We landscaped the side of the house and cultivated parts of the soil.  We also placed sprinklers for the plants.

The color we choose for the house interior made a huge difference.  It look more spacious. When we bought this house, the kitchen cabinet was black on a black counter. So we changed the paints, the knobs and the house positions to make it more of our style.

The used to be dining area has become the bar/ play area a.k.a. the boy’s area. We place the dining table across the kitchen so it would look in an open room lay out.

The living area is a decent size but like I said, it has an open flow concept. The mirror also adds optical space that would make the living area look more spacious.

The china cabinet adds a nice touch of décor to the dining area.  Setting up your china dishes is the key to allow beautiful pieces to be seen.

We bought this corner curio cabinet online for a cheap price. My mom in law and I refurbished it. We painted it, put a new knob that matches the kitchen cabinets and replaced the glass into a tempered one..

The second floor was another sanctuary. Everything was painted the same color as with the downstairs.

The master bedroom has decent size closet, sink and shower room. The sink cabinet is a DIY makeover. I painted and changed the knobs that matches the kitchen’s.  This was the nesting project I did while pregnant with my second boy.

The guest bedroom used to be the boy’s bedroom. Again, I was pregnant with my second one with this project.  I tell you, pregnancy brain kept me busy.  I turned this room into a mountain themed room for my boys. I painted a mountain mural and decorated it. I love it! I actually missed it. Today, it has become the guest bedroom with a cabin update

The boys room used to be the guest bedroom. There’s not much changes here yet since I just switched them recently.

The office used to have a built-in cabinet and for a small room, I think it just takes space plus it is one of those dust collector.

My laundry area took 3 years before we painted the only cabinet that wasn’t painted. Today, my cabinets all match in white except for the guest bath.

So, these are the updates we have done for the house in the past 3 years.  It was a lovely house filled with beautiful memories.

The house has served its purpose. I love it when we bought it and I love it now. However, things have changed and it is time to move on to another phase of life with 3 boys.

We truly cared for this house and have very nice memories. I hope the next owner will enjoy this property as much as we did. Make fun and great memories.

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