A Weekend Guide to Avila, California

avila california

Getting the Blues never felt so good…  As autumn season has just began, we opt to visit the California coast as many times as possible. One of our favorite places to stay at the coast is Avila Beach.  From the local freshness of California specialties to its warm sandy beaches, you might want to stay […]

One Happy Camper 1st Birthday Party

One Happy Camper 1st Birthday Party

First Birthday Party of my John is finally done, and he had a blast.  The event was a success.  A lot of our invited guests came and celebrate with us. I love First birthdays.  I love the thought of celebrating not only the child’s first year but also celebrating a year of parenting. While I […]

10 Best Travel Toys for Kids on Airplanes


How do you keep your kids entertained on a long hour flight? Screaming babies and toddlers are the worst nightmares a parent could ever think of. When we flew back in the Philippines with our eldest, he was super easy that I did not think of toys to keep him busy or entertained.  Things changed […]

2 Week Southern States Family Road Trip


We just got back from our recent visit to the southern part of the US, and it was incredible.  Our trip started from Los Angeles, California to Orlando, Florida via plane.  We then had a two-week road trip and drove north through Northern Florida, Georgia, South Carolina and ended in North Carolina. We traveled along […]

ZOE XLC Best V2 Travel Stroller Review


This post contains affiliate links.  For the last trip we planed, my husband and I bought the cheapest banana stroller at Walmart that we could find.  We totally regret it.  Anyhow, it’s a lesson learned.  So this time, we were very serious about finding a travel stroller that really meets our needs.  My husband and […]

How We Updated Our Home

How we updated our Home

We just sold our house! After 3 years of investing financially with love and care for this house we called home, we are finally moving to a new phase of life.  Today’s housing market is hot, and we thought it would be the perfect time to take advantage and get a good price on it. […]

One Happy Camper Smash Cake Photoshoot


I love first birthdays.  While all birthdays are special, first birthdays are extra special.  You get to see how they developed with every milestone.  And perhaps like a baby race, it flashes back to which child was the first to stand up or walk. A month before John’s first birthday and I wanted to give […]

How to Paint a Mountain Mural


With few more weeks to go before my second child will be born, I can feel the nesting period in full bloom.  So, last month, I painted one wall of my boys’ room with a Mountain Mural. Since we moved into our new home 3 years ago, I have never put so much attention at […]

How to Make a Play Kitchen


Easter is so around the corner and I’ve been thinking of what the bunny would give to my boy this year.  Most of his favorites are cars and vehicles of all sorts.  Despite the piles of cars he has in our living room which is now mostly his play room, I don’t want to get […]

Expecting Baby Number 2


It’s been a week since we went to my scheduled prenatal exam and now know what we are having.  It is exciting and overwhelming.  Most of our family and friends are excited as well to know what’ll be the gender of the next baby. While it is obvious that we like to share our family […]