Minatamis na Saging or Sweetened Banana

minatamis na saging

One of my favorite Filipino snacks is this Minatamis na Saging (sweetened Banana) or as other Filipinos would call it “Banana Cream”.  Bananas are one of the major fruit crops in the Philippines.  They are also one of the most exported products of the country.  For this recipe, I will be using “Sab a” Bananas, […]

Simply Blue Easter Tablescape

Easter Tablescape

We are finally getting close to Easter Sunday and I couldn’t be more excited to celebrate it.   The simple reason that Christ has risen is enough to make a toast with the family.  The thought that life after resurrection of Jesus Christ provides Christian people the hope that some may believe doesn’t exist.  Hope is […]

Toddler Milestones | Richard Rey at 18 Months


One of the most wonderful experiences of being a mom is to watch your child grow.  Checking and tracking a child’s milestones can give a mom comfort in knowing your child is developing at normal pace.  Although, all kids are different and moms should be careful not to compare their child with others, it’s can […]

Mango Float


One of Filipinos favorite no-bake desserts is Mango Float.  It is the “icebox cake” for the Filipinos.  A no-bake cake and very popular to Filipinos especially during festivals, birthdays or holiday seasons. There is nothing like a Philippine mango.  It is one of our favorite fruits in the house.  My husband had his first Filipino […]

Easter Eggs Painting with a Toddler


While music runs in the hippy side of my husband, artistry through paints runs in my side.  It’s been a while since I’ve used brushes and paints. As Easter season is fast approaching, I have come up with the idea to have an art activity with my son, Richard Rey.  This is our first time […]

5 Dollar Spring Hat Wreath

Frugality is always a part of being married and of being a mom.  Top it with some creativity and you might just have a masterpiece.  Last year, we moved into our house and we didn’t have any spring decors to brighten the place up.  In the Philippines, the spring season doesn’t really exist.  So, for […]

A Taste of Greece


Greek dishes have some of the most iconic flavors in the world that all food lovers must try.  Whether you are dinning out or just eating at home, the fresh and healthy ingredients make this cuisine a guilt free and tasty choice.  I heard a lot about Greece even when I was still living in […]

My Big Fat Greek Valentine’s Day

Valentines Day

The most romantic day of the year has come.  For most of us it is stressful to think about how to make it special.  For us, every holiday is always a perfect excuse to celebrate with a family gathering.  Usually, we think of Valentine’s Day as for couples to enjoy a romantic dinner out.  However, […]

Easy Homemade Hummus

Easy Homemade Hummus

My Greek adventure started when our family visited a restaurant at Pismo that offers delectable Greek food (check out our visit to Pismo Beach).  The all-time favorite spread and dip for the family is Hummus.  Whether you’re making it for a super bowl game, a birthday party or just ordinary appetizer, Hummus is a win. […]

Fabulous Fashion Finds Under $3 Each


My weekend was a productive one.  I did the laundry and the kitchen was tidy, but it still felt like something was missing around the house.  I started thinking about this scented 3 wick candle that I’ve been wanting to buy at Bath & Body Works.  I love their three wick candles because of how long […]