One Happy Camper 1st Birthday Party

One Happy Camper 1st Birthday Party

First Birthday Party of my John is finally done, and he had a blast.  The event was a success.  A lot of our invited guests came and celebrate with us.

I love First birthdays.  I love the thought of celebrating not only the child’s first year but also celebrating a year of parenting. While I can be sappy about them growing up, I am also excited on their development.

Deciding on the theme was a little tough because John likes everything with wheels.  His brother also had the Construction Site theme First Birthday Party.

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Our family has a shared love of the outdoors, so it was only fitting to celebrate John’s first birthday with the theme – One Happy Camper.

For this post, I will be sharing you the details of his simple camping party that we threw to celebrate his first year of life!

Before John’s First Birthday Party, he had a Smash Cake photoshoot session with my friend Theresa.  She is a local photographer in Bakersfield, California.  The photos were absolutely beautiful.


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What is nice about the Happy Camper theme is the idea of ease and simplicity.  Some of the Christmas decorations are also nice as an accessory for the party.

Here is my John’s First Birthday Party with the theme – ONE Happy Camper

One Happy Camper 1st Birthday Party 1

I set 3 tables in the house – Gifts, dessert and cakes and drinks.  Then, I place the food at the counter.  The menu should have been simple like hotdogs and buns.  But for the love of food, we cooked Filipino dishes.  It is out of the theme, but they were so good.

One Happy Camper 1st Birthday Party 2

I did all the decorations, baked the cupcakes and cakes.

I kept it simple on the gift table.  The tablecloth is actually a curtain that we have on hand.  I think the big pinecones that we have collected on our camping adventures has set the outdoorsy theme.

  1. Monthly milestone banner – A must display photos of his milestones.
  2. Chalk Board – I think a letter board would look better than this.
  3. Pinecones – I love how it made the theme so rustic.  Small pinecones are everywhere in California or at least where I live. If you decided to collect them, they are easy to clean.

One Happy Camper 1st Birthday Party 5

I think, the dessert table is my favorite.  Not only because it is the sweetest station, but I love the set up as well.

  1. I have a Cake stand, but it is a glass, and I wanted a wooden one. So, I bought a wooden stand and I have been using it since then.  My cake is a simple chocolate cake with chocolate butter cream frosting.
  2. Edible cake rocks – Then I bought rocks that melted in the middle of summer delivery. Luckily, I only have to use some of it.One Happy Camper 1st Birthday Party 4
  3. Campfire – What’s camping without campfire? I thought about making a campfire and tents in our back patio, but the event was in the middle of summer, and we are in the excessive heat warning in California.  Anyway, I made this campfire set of toys few weeks before the birthday.  If you don’t want to make it, it is available in amazon.
  4. Stand Balloon – I saw my brother made this kind of stand balloon to my nephew’s birthday. He said, there is a tutorial on YouTube on how to make stand balloon.  So, I this is how I did it. I bought balloons and balloon blower.  Making this stand balloons was actually easier than I thought.

One Happy Camper 1st Birthday Party 12My table for the drink, condiments and utensils is nothing really special.  I had an old crate in the garage and use it under the sweet tea jug.  I also had an old wooden pepper and shaker.  Then the table cloth is plastic checkered picnic tablecloth which I used for my outdoor tables as well.

One Happy Camper 1st Birthday Party 7 One Happy Camper 1st Birthday Party 8 One Happy Camper 1st Birthday Party 9 One Happy Camper 1st Birthday Party 11

It was such a beautiful day to celebrate his birthday.  He was definitely One Happy Camper!

I Hope you find some inspiration to this post.  If you are planning to do same theme or similar theme, comment below or tag me on Instagram. I would be happy to see how you did it.


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