Pineapple Theme Party


As Summer has begun, the pool is once again open at the Hendy Homestead.  While the month of June was very busy, we still opted to welcome the Summer with the sweet smile of a Pineapple Theme Pool Party and get together with some family and friends.

A week before the party, I thought I would make the gathering as simple as possible and without any decorations.  But mommies, who doesn’t love decorating?

The thought of a Pineapple theme came up out of the native Filipino tongue of mine.  Derived from the word Pineapple, I made it sound like Pine-a-pool Party (because at times, Filipinos can have a hard tongue haha)



So, since the Party is all about the Splish/splash of the pool and Pineapples, why not make it Pineapple Pool Party?!

In my previous posts, you can tell I am totally a great fan of Dollar stores.  And as usual, all decorating ideas are from the them.

Here are some the Pineapple Theme Ideas!


There are several things at the dollar store which I never thought they would have.  Things like Pompoms and hanging Lanterns would cost around $3-4 each from the other party stores.

I was very lucky to get these pineapple cups that are so perfect when you’re in the pool.  I went to two different Dollar stores and I only got 5 of these.

I have acquired these vases from my mother-in-law and they are the perfect shape to make a pineapple centerpiece.  Each of the vases has stuffed yellow paper, three palm leaves and sunglasses.

These cute cups are my very own DIY.  It is marked with x that looks like pineapple eyes.  Placed this cute striped pineapple straw and voila!


These are just a few of the things that gives color to the party.  The real highlights are the smiles and laughs of our family and friends.  We partied like pineapples! We are very blessed to have these beautiful people who are so joyous to share the fun as we welcome the Summer of 2018!

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