Simple and Sweet Valentine’s Day Tablescape

Valentine's Day Tablescape

Preparing my family table is one of my favorite things to do especially for special occasions.  Since we found out that we are pregnant on our second one, my appetite for decorating has been less.  Last year a different style of my tablescape for Valentine’s Day which was Greek-inspired.  This year I went with something more traditional.

Some families who have kid/s might understand the pressure of Valentine’s Day.  Especially deciding to go dine out or dine at home.  For me, dining at home is way better to enjoy and celebrate Valentine’s day.  There’s no need to make reservations and no need to look for a baby sitter.

Since the people in the Hendy house loves to cook, everybody has their own share of dish.  Just a home cooked meal with lots of chit chats and drinks.  Our little dude of course is part of the table.  I like to think that he’d start learning and familiarize utensils at the table.

With that being said, this one is easy and simple but has touch of sweetness with my Valentine’s Day Table.

Valentines Day Tablescape 2

Most of the things I have on my table are just found at home.  I tell you, this is a last-minute tablescape.  I was even challenged of what I can place as my centerpiece.  But my husband is the sweetest that he surprised me after lunch with these beautiful red roses.

Valentines Day Tablescape 4

Valentines Day Tablescape 7

One of my favorite things on the table is of course the drink.  But this drink is safe for my growing baby as well as my little dude.  A combo of lemonade and raspberry.  This one adds the sweetness on my table.  We do have champagne if any adult in the house wants to make it into a Bellini.

Valentines Day Tablescape 6 Valentines Day Tablescape 8

While candles and roses make Valentine’s Day romantic, my napkin folded into like an envelop adds a touch of affection. Valentines Day Tablescape 4 Valentines Day Tablescape 9 Valentines Day Tablescape 5

I hope you enjoy this post.  Check out more Tablescapes ideas in this link.


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