Simply Blue Easter Tablescape

Easter Tablescape

We are finally getting close to Easter Sunday and I couldn’t be more excited to celebrate it.   The simple reason that Christ has risen is enough to make a toast with the family.  The thought that life after resurrection of Jesus Christ provides Christian people the hope that some may believe doesn’t exist.  Hope is one thing I have experienced every time Easter season comes around.  It is a powerful grace that we should embrace and is what makes life go on.

For Easter Sunday, we have a planned dinner celebration at home as a family.  This is technically my first Easter that which I’ve been craving to celebrate with Egg hunting, Easter basket for the little boy and special dining with the adults.  While ideas on Pinterest were overpowering, I’ve decided to make a “Simply Blue Easter Tablescape”.

If you have followed my stories either on Instagram or in my blog, you’ve probably noticed that I’m a big fan for Dollar Tree.  (check out my 5 Dollar DIY Spring Hat here).  Everything there is only a dollar and I am so hooked.  Some items may not be worth a dollar but most are.  They have their new dinnerware collections that are excellent for most dining styles.  You can get them in 5 different colors which are yellow, blue, orange and green.  I also love their white and black dinner plates which are perfect for an elegant and modern gathering.  But, for my Easter Tablescape this year, I made this simple, quick and effortless Tablescape.   The best part about this one is that it is very inexpensive…

Here is my last minute idea for Easter Tablescape!

Easter Tablescape 1Dollar Tree stores have lots of different kinds of candies.  I bought this candy which made me happy when I saw them available.  I placed them in these cute Square Glass Candleholders which are from the Dollar Tree as well.  And they are perfect for my Easter Egg Candies.

Easter Tablescape 5My flowers are tree flowers that bloom so nice outside our house.

Easter Tablescape 4 Easter Tablescape 6 Easter Tablescape 7 I was also so beyond joy when I saw these charger plates at the Dollar Tree store.  I kept on checking them out at different stores and kept telling myself to buy them someday.  They are usually around $4-5 each which makes me proud of myself to have the same quality but $3 dollars cheaper of charger plates.  I mean this is a good deal!

Easter Tablescape 9

Last year around November, we planted winter flowers in our front garden ( check out our Winter Bloom Flowers here). This time, they are so charming and radiant in colors.  One of these flowers are this sweet Alyssum which I use for my table set up.  It gave my table a touch of spring. Then, I have 4 personalized Easter eggs that are marked with our initials.  It’s funny how I realized, these are my first Easter eggs that I dyed myself.

Easter Tablescape 3

It’s a long weekend this week.  We will just be at home enjoying the warm spring weather and church.  We are still on the verge of figuring out how to go to the church with a toddler. lol  Whether we all go to the church together or take turns with grandma.  Either way will be good.  What does your weekend look like?  I’d love to know.

Also, if you love this idea for a Tablescape, consider sharing it with your friends.  If you have any suggestion or ideas on how you made your Easter tablescape, I’d be glad to hear it in the comments below.  Or connect with me on Pinterest and Instagram for more follow up stories.

Enjoy your weekend lovies!

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  1. My weekend will be hahay… mag VISA run 😭 it’s a hassle pero no choice. Anyhow, all will be well by the grace of God.

    Nice kaau imo photos, Jel 😀enjoy pud ko nagbasa ani 😁
    Enjoy your holiday! 😉 Stay blessed!

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