Spring in Bakersfield


Spring is one of the most amazing seasons to witness since I arrived in the US.  At the time I was then so new to chilly weather that it just seemed to be so cold to me rather than being normal and beautiful.  Despite trying to acclimate to the new weather, I did enjoy the beauty of spring.  As we traveled the California roads, I was in awe of how beautiful the mountains were.   Carpeted with green grasses and beautiful flowers.  The trees along the roads were like a big bouquet of pink and white.  All of the bushes were red and the vines were sprawling on every fence.  It’s like Mother Nature was celebrating the feast of life and it just gave me a wonderful vibe.


It is a privilege to live in a beautiful and one of the most historical cities of California.  (Read more about Historical Bakersfield here).  Bakersfield also has the most stunning Almond Orchard blossoms every Spring.  Since this photo shoot we had last year, I have thought about making it a family tradition.  However, with all the hectic schedules and rain this year, finding a date to do it was impossible.  Even though we couldn’t do it, I would still love to share with you the spring photos that we took last year at a local Almond Orchard.  We totally enjoyed the beauty of the white blossoms that day.  It was as if it was snowing flower peddles in spring.



My son, Richard Rey was nine-months old and he was just starting to walk.

As I am writing this post and looking through the window, the sky is very gloomy this morning.  The weather reports say its going to rain all this week.  I can’t help thinking that the river will once again have water, but the blossoms will surly wash away too.  As the blossoms of pinks and whites will slowly change, the vibrant colors of green in the grasses and trees will be be visible.  These are one of the proofs of life.

“Today is a gift, tomorrow is a mystery”.  It is a shame that we have missed taking photos of this beautiful spring snow for this year.  However, I have great hopes for trying again next year.

Wishing you a happy spring

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