Weekly Highlights – 2nd Birthday


Time, you thief! (insert crying emoji)  It’s kind’a crazy how time went by so fast.  Now I’m cruisin’ down memory lane back to when I started my labor early in the morning on the 9th of September 2016.

On our way to the hospital, the dad-to-be backed out of the garage so quickly that he bumped the door with the roof of the car before it had time to open all the way!  There were a lot of things going on in our minds as we were having a baby boy that day.  The labor was painful yet fulfilling.  When we took our baby home, we were so nervous driving our new little family.  It was because we had a precious life in the car for the first time.

Fast forward to now, this little human grew up so fast and is making us crazy.  Yet he completes our life in so many ways.  There is so much joy that I have never known until I had my first child.


Today’s highlight of the week is all about our little master Richard Rey as we celebrate his 2nd birthday.


Last year’s first birthday was a big party. Inspired by his fondness of trucks and bulldozers or shall I say “dad’s fondness” as well, his 1st birthday was celebrated with all the love.  Thoughtful friends and family were with us.


For his 2nd birthday, we decided to celebrate it a little more intimate.  We had a few family friends come over and it was blast.  A little family gathering spent by the pool.  Splashing, chatting and swimming on a delightful afternoon.  We ate, drank and laughed a lot.  Grandma Nancy made little dude his birthday cake which was oh so good! A chocolate raspberry filled cake.

Richard Rey opened his gift one at a time and his first gift he opened was an airplane. Then there were more planes!  It’s an amazing feeling to be a part of a child’s joy.

Then, we ended the day with a karaoke session.  We sang, danced and laughed like crazies.  Obviously, we had fun!

Parenting is an amazing job.  It is beautiful to watch your child grow..  As Richard Rey turned 2, his awareness of his surroundings are more visible.  He moves around and jumps so much! I couldn’t keep up with his energy.  He is more social and his fondness towards objects and people are increasing.  The list goes on and on for a number 1 fan mommarazzi.

BIRTHDAY WITH AIRPLANES 5 The following day (on his birthday), we went to Minter Fields to visit the airplane hangar and oh! He had so much fun as his face lit up in awe one plane at a time.  We spent our time wandering around the Minter Field Airport District (MFAD) and seeing those beautiful planes were amazing.  It makes me asked what is he going to be in the future and I am excited with it. BIRTHDAY WITH AIRPLANES

Of course, he wears his mechanic suit with an aviator hat.


It was indeed a momentous day and we are so happy to see him happy.

I think, taking your kid to these kinds of gem is the best gift.  The experience of seeing their faces light up and the thrill they shared are heartwarming.



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