ZOE XLC Best V2 Travel Stroller Review


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For the last trip we planed, my husband and I bought the cheapest banana stroller at Walmart that we could find.  We totally regret it.  Anyhow, it’s a lesson learned.  So this time, we were very serious about finding a travel stroller that really meets our needs.  My husband and I took time to research and read many reviews for the best travel stroller.

ZOE XLC Best V2 is by far the most affordable travel stroller, lightweight and easy to roll.  I will get more into the other details in a bit.

From time to time, my family and I usually go out of town and to have a travel stroller is a necessity.  Aside from that, we live in a city which means we need the best stroller that can be part of our every day as well.

Here are the TOP 3 requirements we have in a travel stroller:

  1. We want one that can be folded to a carry-on size / portable
  2. One that can recline, so our son can sleep on the go.
  3. Affordable


The ZOE XLC meets all of these.  We do want the cheapest travel stroller possible, but we don’t want to be so frugal and sacrifice the quality.

Opening the Stroller

Make sure to read the Instruction Manual and check all the parts.  The canopy and the wheels are basically separated from the body when you open the box.

When opening the stroller, the lock is on both sides of the handle, you just have to press and snap the left side of the handle.

This part wasn’t easy for me but eventually I learned my way to open it easier and faster.

So, the trick here is when you open the stroller, hold the handle on both sides while the canopy holder is leaning against you. Turn the stroller outward as it open then snap the left side handle where the folding mechanism is located.

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It has a large canopy and you just have to insert it on each side of the canopy holder.  It has the zipper, so it spreads and covers him half way down while he is sleeping.  This is another thing that I love about this stroller.  It extends half way down for sun protection.ZOE TRAVEL STROLLER BEST V2

It has a mesh peekaboo window with magnetic closure.  Another plus for us since we didn’t have this on the last stroller we owned.


There is no cup holder on this one. But they have it available on their website for accessories.

For the seating, it has a padded back and the recline ability is a big thing for us.  It is not completely flat when you recline it which is the same thing on our previous stroller and that’s okay for us.ZOE TRAVEL STROLLER 5

It has a 5-point harness which is pretty easy to adjust, and it has the single draw string release and single hand pull up.

One thing that surprised me is the foot res.  It extends and makes the  seat longer. At the same time, it makes an easy access to the basket in the front.ZOE TRAVEL STROLLER 1

It is sturdy, and we were happy with the suspension. When we tried it on one of our little bumpy floors at home, it takes up the shock with ease.  This makes for a smooth ride for our little dude.


It has parking brake and a cargo pocket for phone or wallet which is another thing I love about ZOE XLC.

The stroller can hold up to 50 lbs. It is light enough that I can hold it in just one hand (11 pounds).

So, this is 17”x21” and about 8” depth (canopy counted).  Basically, it can be checked in and can be placed in the over-head compartment on the plane.

Like I said, they have accessories available at their website for this stroller. What we also love that there is a hook for a strap and that’s important for us.

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You can also buy a back-pack made for this stroller and an add-on carry strap if you want to just hang it on your shoulder. The back-pack looks nice, sleek and easy to use.  However, we opted to use a strap since it is easier for us to just fold it in and hang it on the shoulder.

There are a bunch of light weight umbrella strollers out there. ZOE XLC may not be the cheapest one but definitely the most affordable for one that meets our needs in terms of a traveling stroller.


To sum it up, the price is good, and it checks all our boxes.  With its different features, you can definitely use this as your daily stroller as well.  At least from toddler size up.

He loves it, we love it!

You can purchase the ZOE XLC here (select the XLC model from the tabs), or from the ZOE Website

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